The FOAM N’SEAL™ series spray foam guns accepts all Convenience Products Touch ‘n Seal™ and Touch ‘n Foam™ Pro single-component polyurethane foam sealants and adhesive with a common screw-on threaded top. Touch ‘n Seal™ and Touch ‘n Foam™ products using a plastic straw go dispense foam is not compatible with all Foam N’ Seal™ series foam guns.

Touch ‘n Seal™ Poly-Clean Foam
Polyurethane Cleaner

Touch ‘n Seal™ Gun Foam II Polyurethane
Foam Sealant

Touch ‘n Seal™ Black Foam Polyurethane
Foam Sealant

Touch ‘n Seal™ No-Warp Foam Window &
Door Insulating Sealant

Touch ‘n Seal™ Panel Bond Polyurethane
Foam Adhesive

Touch ‘n Seal™ All Seasons Polyurethane
Foam Sealant

Touch ‘n Seal™ Latex Sealant

Touch ‘n Seal™ Firestop

Touch ‘n Foam™ All-Purpose Polyurethane
Foam Sealant / Residential Fireblock

Touch ‘n Foam™ Window & Door
Polyurethane Foam Sealant

Touch ‘n Foam™ Low Temp Polyurethane
Foam Sealant

Touch ‘n Foam™ Landscaping Polyurethane
Black Foam Sealant.

The Foam N’ Seal FNS series foam dispensing guns (FNS200, FNS300, FNS500) are alternatives to the following Convenience Products insulation foam dispensing guns: Sharpshooter D™, Sharpshooter X™, Sharpshooter XP™, Pageris™ foam dispensing guns.

*Sharpshooter™ and Touch ‘n Seal™ are registered trademarks of Convenience Products Company and are used in this website for identification purposes only. Use of these product brand names, trademarks do not imply endorsement.

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