FOAM N’ SEAL™ foam sealant applicator tools are compatible with the following Fomo Products foam sealant and adhesive foam products with a screw-on thread canister top. Fomo foam products using a plastic straw foam dispenser tube are not compatible with Foam N’ Seal foam guns.

Handi-Foam™ Multi-
Purpose Foam Cleaner

Handi-Foam™ One-Component
Gun Foam Sealant

Handi-Foam™ Extreme
Polyurethane Gun Foam Sealant

Handi-Foam™ Black
Polyurethane Foam Sealant

Handi-Foam™ FireBlock
Polyurethane Foam Sealant

Handi-Seal™ Window & Door
Sealant Gun Foam

Handi-Stick™ Polystyrene
Construction Adhesive

Handi-Stick™ General
Use Adhesive

Handi-Stick™ Subfloor Adhesive

The Foam N’ Seal™ FNS series foam dispensing guns (FNS200, FNS300, FNS500) are alternatives to the following FOMO foam dispensing guns: Handi-Tool™ HT700, HT500, HT300, F61110 and F61080 foam sealant dispensing tools.

*Handi-Foam™, Handi-Stick™ are registered trademarks of Fomo Products and are used in this website for identification purposes only. Use of these product brand names and trademarks do not imply endorsement.

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