The Foam N’ Seal dispensing guns are compatible with the following Hilti™ one-component polyurethane screw-on foam sealants. Hilti™ foam products with plastic straw foam dispensing tubes are not compatible with Foam N’ Seal foam guns.

Hilti™ CF-125 5W50 Dispenser foam

Hilti™ CF-126 Dispenser foam

Hilti™ CF-810 Crack and Joint Pro

Hilti™ CF-812 Insulating foam

Hilti™ CF AS CJP All-season gap and joint filling-foam

Hilti™ CF-I-750-Insulating-foam

FNS200, FNS300 & FNS500 pro foam dispensing tools are alternatives to the Hilti™ CF DS-1 Foam Dispenser

*Hilti is a registered trademark of Hilti Corporation and is used in this website for identification purposes only. Use of the product brand names and/or trademarks do not imply endorsement.

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