The Foam N’ Seal™ dispensing guns are compatible and works with all “professional” gun foam sealants and adhesives with a universal screw-on adapter on the top of the canister. Foam sealant products using a plastic straw for foam dispensing are not compatible with all Foam N’ Seal foam guns. The list below are some of the other brands of foam products and adhesive tested for compatibility with the Foam N’ Seal series pro foam sealant dispensers.

CR Laurence CRL Handi-Foam™ Gun Foam

C.R. Laurence CRL Handi-Seal™ Window & Door Sealant

DAP™ DRAFTSTOP™ Low Pressure Non Rigid Polyurethane Foam Sealant

*FNS300 is a substitute for the DAP Draftstop 812 Foam Applicator

DAP™ DRAFTSTOP Foam Tool Cleaner

OSI™ WINTeQ™ Foam Window & Door Foam


RHH™ Foam Systems
Versi-Tite™ Expanding Gun Foam Sealant

Versi-Tite™ Window & Door

* The Foam N’ Seal™ FNS300 foam gun is an alternative to the Versi-Tite™ Foam Dispensing Gun (VT-GUN)

RHH™ Foam Systems
Versi-Block™ Fire Block
Gun Foam Sealant

*The Foam N’ Seal FNS500 is a substitue to the Versi-Tite™ Foam Dispensing Gun (VT-GUN)

Owens Corning™ ProPink One™
*The Foam N’ Seal FN300 is a substitue to the ProPink™ Foam Dispensing Gun
Owens Corning™ Foam Sealant Cleaner

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